Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer

Kaleidoscope: Arcade

for 12 channels • September 2004, 8'40




This piece continues the idea, first explored in Kaleidoscope, of composing a wholly immersive sound piece where the apparent viewpoint of the listener is from within the sound itself. While the piece could exist even without seating (with audience members free to wander around the space during performance), the following figure shows a proposed series of ‘wedges’ arranged around a central point, so that listeners A, B and C receive similar subjective weightings (i.e. relative levels) of front, sides and rear, although the trajectories of spatial gestures will be perceived differently by each. So reliant is the piece on the notion of a coherent, multidirectional sound field that it can be experienced even from outside the space (listener D), though in this case the image will be predominantly frontal and distant.

In the event that such a circular array of 12 channels is not available, an eight-channel version is also available which requires the following configuration:


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