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M4L Tutorials (2017)

Introductory exercises, tutorials and materials for Max4Live

The following is a combination of (excellent) videos produced by Cycling74 as introductions to Max4Live and some which I've prepared myself. They are predominantly mini projects designed to get something out of Max and integrate it with Ableton Live fairly quickly, but there is some more in-depth content there which should introduce some theoretical stuff too.

These are materials produced for undergraduates on programmes within the Music and Audio Technology subject areas at De Montfort University, Leicester. But they may be of use to others, hence my posting them here. If you do use them and find them helpful, or can suggest improvements or additions, please do drop me a line and let me know.

Basic introduction to M4L (You should watch all of these introductory videos if you're coming to Max4Live from scratch.)


Learn how to control amplitude in M4L


Explore delay lines in M4L


Build synths in M4L


Build a percussion synth in M4L

The following videos were made in standalone Max rather than Ableton/M4L. The essential principles remain the same, though. Just use [plugout~] objects at the end of the chain to get sound back into Ableton.


Basic sampling in M4L


Basic sequencing in M4L


More advanced sequencing in M4L


Basic polyphony in M4L