Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer

ICC Installation

for sixteen channels • co-curated/compiled by Jamie Bullock and Pete Batchelor • June 2002




This work is a collective BEAST presentation which was premiered at the Millennium Awards ceremony in the foyer of Hall 1 at the ICC, Birmingham in 1999. It features extracts curated from a number of BEAST members and, in its original version, was mixed to a 16-channel presentation format which explored the peculiar shape of the foyer. To allow easier presentation at other venues, however, it has been reworked to the present 8-channel version.

Contributing composers:
Iain Armstrong, Peter Batchelor, James Bentley, Jamie Bullock, Peter Dowling, Jonty Harrison, Dugal McKinnon, Pippa Murphy, David Prior, Antti Saario, Simon Scardanelli, Derek Thompson, Mario Verandi.

Peter Dowling gives further information and musical examples on his site, which may be found here.



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