Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer

ICC Installation

for sixteen channels • co-curated/compiled by Jamie Bullock and Pete Batchelor • June 2002




The 16 channels were distributed throughout (and just outside) a crescent-shaped foyer as shown in figure 1 (channels 1-4 were duplicated at each end of the space) to create an extended sonic ‘corridor’. The spatialisation of material, left largely intact as stereo files but allocated to pairs or foursomes of loudspeakers (and thus rarely filling the entire space), was designed to take advantage of the unusual curvature of the space. Thus sound would frequently originate from a distance ­ there being approx. 30m between channels 5/6 and 15/16 ­ and from ‘around the corner’, all of which might prompt investigation of the entire space by the curious listener.

ICC speaker configuration




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