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Max Tutorials

Introductory exercises, tutorials and materials for MaxMSP

These are materials produced for undergraduates on programmes within the Music and Audio Technology subject areas at De Montfort University, Leicester. But they may be of use to others, hence my posting them here. If you do use them and find them helpful, or can suggest improvements or additions, please do drop me a line and let me know.

Walk-throughs for larger-scale projects, including granulation (Plode) and sample triggering (Clatter) tools.

Similar introductory content to previous tutorials, but within the context of Ableton Suite.

An update to my previous tutorials, following my Max course as it ran during 2017. There are several overlaps with earlier tutorials, but some new content too. I've also tried to move through things a bit more speedily.

The original tutorials I produced for Max/MSP. Save for some changes (primarily cosmetic) to the interface, Max operates in the same way it did then, so the concepts introduced here remain relevant.