Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer


The Max/MSP object-oriented programming environment has been used extensively for the realisation of all my more recent projects, inspiring the development of a number of patches for, among other things, processing, granulation, sequencing, spatialisation, live electronics improvisation and performance triggering. While a considerable amount of time has been spent in their development, they have always been emphatically the means to an end, not an end in themselves. However, they remain, I think, reasonably serviceable as more generic tools, and it has been suggested that others may find a use for them, hence their inclusion on this site. If you do investigate them and find them useful, please indulge my ego and let me know.

The patches are currently for Max/MSP 4.5 but they'll be ported to Max5 as soon as I have time. Please let me know if you encounter bugs or can't-find-file error messages.

The shockwave plugins were sound toys based on the same principles as Clatter before I had the Max/MSP wherewithal to implement Clatter itself.