Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer


a series of multichannel acousmatic compositions




The idea for the Kaleidoscope works came from my memories of playing with the prismatic toy of the same name as a child. The toy consists of coloured beads in a tube of mirrors, whose reflections generate complex symmetrical patterns which change dramatically in density and texture as the tube is turned. With these pieces the aim was to emulate such dynamic spatial activity through sound, distributing fragmentary materials in space and immersing the listener in a rich and ever-changing sonic environment.

Kaleidoscope: Cycle (2006-2013)

Collectively these works explore the idea of elemental cyclicity, pursuing a narrative from fragmentation (Fissure (2006)) through fragment deployment across particulate structures and periodicity (Nebula (2012), Pulse(2013)), to reconstitution (Fuse (2013)).

Kaleidoscope: Arcade (2004)

This piece is a celebration of the arcade experience in its myriad forms. 

Kaleidoscope: Burst (2001)

The first in the series of Kaleidoscope works which aims to create fluid and immersive sound fields in which the position and orientation of the listener can be flexible. It was composed for the trombone ensemble In-Slide-Out whose name prompted the configuration of the performers and loudspeakers for the piece: trombones in the centre facing out towards an enclosing ring of eight loudspeakers, accommodating a dialogue of musical materials between 'inside' and 'out'.