Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer

Ringing the Changes

Multi-channel, site-specific work for the reopening of the BullRing in Birmingham City Centre • Proposed 2003 (unrealised)




This project was proposed in order to explore the acoustic properties of the redeveloped Bull Ring complex in Birmingham at its opening in 2003. The space is characterised by St Martin's Church and its amphitheatre-like square which surrounded by buildings which 'contain' any sound issuing from the bells when they ring. The project was to involve the bells from St Martin’s Church (and supplementary speaker output) as a broadcasting centre and further speakers on the balconies of the surrounding buildings as an immersive periphery. Speakers along the pedestrian concourse beyond would also permit funnelling of sound in and out of the main public space. The full proposal can be found here:

PDF Proposal (pdf format)





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