Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer


GRIDs, a series of massively multichannel installation works    
     Orbits, a collaboration with Mike Blow: 6 rotating speakers 2019  
     Cascade, a collaboration with Ian Bilson, 256ch flat panel 2018  
     Beyond, a collaboration with Ian Bilson, 40ch geodesic sphere 2014  
     DOME, 26ch geodesic hemisphere 2012  
     CLUSTER (proposed) for cuboid structure of 280 channels 2011  
     Studies on Canvas for 30 channels under canvas 2004  
Ringing the Changes for St Martin's in the Bull Ring, Birmingham (unrealised) 2003  
Summer Festival Lawn Installation (curation/compilation) for eight-channel 'sound-wall' 2002  
Old Joe Sound Sculpture for the clocktower of the University of Birmingham 2001  
vis-à-vis for headphones on Aldeburgh beach 2001 c.5'00 living memory...: A Birmingham Retrospective for eight-channel tape 2000 36'01
ICC Installation (co-curation/compilation) for sixteen-channel tape 1998 60'19