Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer


for multichannel rotating speaker array • 2019





Orbits form the basis of the physical movement of objects throughout the universe, from stars and planets to electrons in an atom. Different forces are at work to create these orbits at different scales, but at all levels the result is to group objects into order, acting against a state of entropy. 




Orbits Concept


This installation explores relationships between the order created by orbits and the entropy from which they form. Six rotating speakers are presented within an evolving cloud of sound in the Clore Ballroom, functioning as centres from which sound objects emerge and depart — coalescing and condensing, disintegrating and evaporating.

Orbits was produced with support from the Philharmonia Orchestra. It was inspired by Péter Eötvös’s work, Mulltiversum, and scientific discoveries from NASA.