Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer


for headphones • June 2001, c.5' (looped)




[These are the project programme notes]

Aldeburgh beach is a viewpoint. What you see is the sea and an English beach. But what does it look like on the other side? What are the beaches like along the opposite coastline? BEAST gives you a sonic impression of what you would be able to see if the conditions were different. You are invited to take a seat in one of the eight compartments facing coastal points of different European countries along the North Sea coast. Listen to eight BEAST composers presenting their works and letting you hear more than you can't see:

     Richard Whitelaw on a Norwegian coastal point
     Andy Dollerson on a Swedish coastal point
     Iain Armstrong on a Danish coastal point
     Michael Wolters on a German coastal point
     Jon Aveyard on a Dutch coastal point
     David Berezan on a Belgian coastal point
     Pete Batchelor on a French coastal point and
     Antti Saario on an English coastal point.

We would like to thank:
Kate Bowen, Johanna Sauerland, Steffi Sauerland, Eike Braunsdorf, Chris Tessier, Karina Linnell, Lonneke van Vloten, Kathleen van Dun, Christine, Moseley Quartet, Ross Spencer, and The Unknown Swedish Revival Researcher (Acquaintance of an Acquaintance).



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